Wednesday, April 25, 2012

VHS covers of gold.

Can you remember walking through the dusty shelves of your local video rental shop? All the wonderful covers staring at you, begging you to take them home. Collecting old VHS tapes and covers has a pretty solid undeground (as much as anything can be "underground") hobby for the last several years.
I walk along the fence of VHS collecting. I love old VHS cover art, it feels like home. But, it would take a lot of space and some of the more beautiful tapes are hella expensive. just published their Top 16 Most Valuable U.S. Horror VHS'. Here is PART 1 and here is PART 2.

A lot of the choices fall into the so-bad-they're-good category for me. The reasons for each tapes value is different. An uncut edition of the film; wonderful or horrible artwork; extremely limited print run; an absolutely, must be seen to be believed, horrible film. In nearly all cases supply and demand dictate the collectibility of the tape. Extreme graphic violence on the cover also plays a strong part. writes, "The rule of thumb is if it shocked renters at the video store, its prices are sure to shock on eBay."
A really fun and informative pair of articles.

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