Thursday, February 7, 2013

Learn Tabletop Role Playing Games

Are you playing Dungeons and Dragons and wondering 'What's next?'
Perhaps you've played RPG video games or How To Host A Murder and tabletop role playing games seem like a next step down your trail of geekdom.
Or maybe you have seen the freaks hunched around a table, reading through mountains of books, rolling dice, and role-playing characters and wanted to join in on the fun.
Whatever the case, click on over to Learn Tabletop RPGs and find out just what in the hell is going on.

Tabletop role playing games can be intimidating. There are a ton of different games. The number of books for each game can sometimes be head spinning. The language of gaming is ridiculous to an outsider. Learn Tabletop RPGs knows all this and cuts through it.

New gamers will be clearly and gently introduced to tabletop games and directed to a free starter game depending on their interests.
If you are an experienced gamer, the site has got a bunch of suggestions for games that suit your interest: Gamist, narrativist, or simulationist.

Webmaster Go Faster, Erik, used to write for Lioncorn on the old Posterous site and knows a thing or two about gaming. Erik's clean and relaxed writing style make this site a perfect first-stop for anyone interested in dipping their toe into paper and pencil RPGs. I had my wife read it and she got it. If your significant other or parents are worried about your RPG habits, send them to Learn Tabletop RPGs. If their worried about your Mountain Dew addiction, massive collections of dice and automatic pencils, and creepy friends, you're on your own.