Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I had never heard of Happiness Bastard before I read about them on ToysREvil today. Mix the mugs of Universal Soaky Monsters with the body of an ever-hateable Kewpie Doll and you get the incredible Pewkie.
The Happiness Bastard store lists them as "Coming Soon" for $25 each. However, ToysREvil posted this press release today:
PRESS: New from Happiness Bastard comes the Pewkie! He has been hard at work in his lab creating these. Each one is roto-casted by hand. These will be available as a set (Creature, Frankenstein, Mummy, and Wolfman) for $100 on Saturday (4/21) via the Happiness Bastard store @ 11:00 am EST. Each set will come blind bagged, so you will not know what color combinations that you will get until they arrive. Don't worry they are all awesome! Only a few sets are going to be avaialble so get yours before they are gone!
Happiness Bastard also have a Mummy soaky recast that looks like George Bush Sr. and a hilariously beautiful 4" Vagina Mary piece.

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