Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rollins interviews V. Vale.

"Your curiosity is you."

V. Vale is one of my heroes. I honestly don't know much about the man, but I respect the hell out of his work. He created Search and Destroy, the bay area's grandaddy of punk 'zines in 1977. The 'zine was started while Vale worked at City Lights, with seed money from Allen Ginsburg and City Lights founder, Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Vale later went on to write and publish the amazing RE/Search line of books.  

RE/Search #10 Incredibly Strange Films was my bible as a teenager. It is a book of interviews with independent filmmakers and and handful of essays on independent cinema. For me, it created an entire pantheon of filmmakers that I had never heard of, and have spent my life learning about. Mikels, Robins, Steckler, Lewis, Friedman, Sarno, on and on. Life changing stuff. I got V. Vale to autograph my copy a couple of years ago and he said, 'Wow, I've never been asked to sign one of these books. You've got a real rarity there.'   

V. Vale is a real inspiration to me. Stay curious. I'm glad I got to tell him to his face how important his work is to me.

I like Henry Rollins, but if you hate him, you'll probably hate this interview. He talks a lot.
V. Vale starts out a bit shy, but he eventually rips it up. Stick with it.

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