Thursday, April 19, 2012


Old school noise fans listen up (all six of you.)

Noise master, Merzbow, is releasing a 10-CD set of recordings from the acoustic, pedal produced era of 1994. The set comes out on April 25th and can be purchase from youth-inc or on

Here's the Japanese blurb processed through Google Translate:

BOX Disc 10 of this time, with a focus on sound in 1994, which focuses on Pure noise before the introduction of electronic musical instruments such as synthesizers, playing style with a sense of speed was linked with such as grind core has been characterized. The sound source that caused the mastering from the cassette was recorded all live, it is all unreleased. Although the release of a collection of 12 CD set recording of ambient style of the early 1990s called "Merzbient" two years ago, this work is that of the character also say this sequel.

Merzbow (Merzbow): from the year 1979 Merzbow - start an ongoing musical activity (Merzbow). Keiji Haino, as well as escape from, say pioneer is the presence of (japa noise) noise music scene in Japan. As musical features, other noise, whereas those taking advantage of improvisation, Merzbow is oriented toward the noise of industrial machinery in the cold synthesizers and texture, and inorganic electronic sound by sound. In the year 2000, will be released, such as CD50-Disc label in Australia than the noise, noise sound that is violent is highly regarded in Europe and the United States, have always attracted attention. Respect has attracted support from many artists overseas thick, beginning with Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth.


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