Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Year of El Santo.

Over at The Year of El Santo, The Boxing Tarantula is reviewing all 52 available El Santo movies. One per week, in chronological order.
He started in March and is at week 15 at this point.

"Some may look at that number and decide to just sample this series, by seeing one or two, usually the best ones. Me? I'm going to watch them all. I'm going to watch the best ones. I'm going to endure the bad ones. I intend to watch one a week for the next year, in chronological order. I expect my endurance to be tested. I expect my mental stability to be shaken. Mostly, I expect to waste a lot of time on nonsense. Some do it with Julia Child recipes. I'm going to do it with Masked Wrestler movies. Join me on this journey. I do not promise it will always be fun, but I do promise it will be interesting."

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