Friday, July 1, 2011

Devin, Gary, and Ross for your ear holes.

Devin, Gary, and Ross' first album was released last night.

It's called Four Corners Bounce. I have no idea what it sounds like but look forward to hearing it.

Gary Panter is the Gary in Devin, Gary, and Ross. He's probably my favorite artist of all time.

You can order the album from Arbitrary Signs.

"Devin is Devin Flynn, best known as the creator and illustrator behind the very insane Y’all So Stupid, a cartoon that once ran on Super Deluxe. In DGR, he does the drumming and a lot of the singing and more or less plays just about everything. About the same goes for Ross Goldstein—the Ross of the band—except he plays a lot more piano than percussion and in the art zone he does more photography and sign painting than crazy animation. The G in DGR is for guitar, played by Gary Panter, who also blows a little trumpet on this record. Gary’s been blowing minds with his art—paintings, album covers, illustration, comics, set design, light shows—since the late seventies."

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