Sunday, July 31, 2011

50 Baddies.

I'm a little late to the Ball (sorry.) Robert Ball just sold out of his wondertastic 50 Baddies print two weeks ago.

He has started work on 50 Goodies:

"I originally started 50 Baddies for a local exhibition, thinking that a modular print would be perfect for me - having a full time job meant I could fit one in here and there when I got the chance. Logic not being my strong point I didn't really count on how long it would take to draw fifty of the buggers (months rather than weeks in the end!).

The last thing I wanted to do was more. 

But then, you know, I started thinking about goodies and making a little list and before you know it here I am again. I'm kicking off with Robocop, which takes me right back - one of my first jobs was drawing cutscene graphics for the computer game version of Robocop 3 when I was about 17. To this day I've never seen the film. I read the script and that was bad enough.

The Ipcress File also has a special place in my heart. Harry Palmer gets the girl by good cooking and sardonic one liners, giving hope to puny four-eyes like me the world over.

It's the same drill. 50 film goodies. 3 at a time. At the end I'll make 50 prints and there'll be 2 things in the shop.

As with the baddies, please feel free to suggest. Without a suggestion, Ma Fratelli would have never made it into the baddies last time, and she ended up being my favourite."

Thanks to my old buddy, old pal, Nik for turning me on to this.


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