Thursday, July 28, 2011

Charles Burns.

Monster Brains posted a fantastical collection of Charles Burns art HERE.

Black Hole is really Burns' masterpiece, but El Borbah is most definitely my favorite of his work.
He did a presentation and signing for his new book, X'ed Out, a while back in my home town. X'ed Out is a Tin Tin ripoff for an adult audience. Burns' super clean lines fit perfectly with Tin Tin and much of his presentation was a celebration of Tin Tin. Burns' has an extensive collection of foreign editions of Tin Tin.

I got my old copy of El Borbah signed. My daughters were with me, and I said to Charles Burns, "El Borbah is my favorite. We practice the Frog Punch at home."
Charles Burns said, "But do you practice the Dutch Rub?" He looked at my daughters with an. 'Oh shit, sorry, dude.' Look. Embarrassing and funny. "Uh, no. We stay away from that one." HA.

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