Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mas Healey.

I posted about the ultra-cool work by artist David Healey, a couple of weeks ago.
I asked David 6 questions and he was gracious enough to respond.
1. Were the 3.75" mash-ups one offs or did you mold them and make multiples?
the 3.75 mash-ups are one offs. I make them to order if asked. To remake them I remash the original toys. I've thought of casting but no need yet.
2. Any of your work for sale?
yes work is for sale I sell the resin stuff at toy Tokyo. I like the work to be not that available. I prefer people to get in touch with me and work it out that way.
3. Specifically, what paint do you use for your mash-ups?
paint? What paint? I use mostly acrylic and a bunch of time. Sorry That's as specific as I get.
4. What brand of resin do you use for your mash-ups?
I've been trying different stuff for different projects. There are still a bunch I haven't touched yet.
5. What work have you been doing more recently?
as for recent stuff. Painting some new one off sets. Making a bigger figure hopefully for nycc. And right now getting set for San Diego. Excited for a collaboration that came together recently for comiccon.
6. What artists are you into right now?
artists...I don't specifically follow any artist. I tend to be more inspired by different elements of design.

So, David is going to be at ComicCon this year. Swamp him and show him some love.
Here are a few more pics of his mash-ups.

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