Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The super-8 film Hollywood cannot compete with.

It only has 181 views as I'm writing, but this little opus blows away most anything that has come from the CG whores in Hollywood in years.

The stunts are exciting and there's a dude in a Thriller jacket at :23.

I would love to see the entire film. Here is the Description blurb on YouTube:

This is a clip from a super 8mm home movie that I made.The film was Premonition.It was made in Dover Gardens and Seaview Downs,Adelaide,South Australia.Some of the people performing the stunt work have gone on to work on Mad Max 2 and 3,Matrix,I Robot,The Thin Red Red Line,Star Wars 2,The Hobbit.All the background extras from Dover Gardens High School.Directed by Dean Bennett (me).Lead actor was Mike Evans.Any Questions,please contact

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