Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jennifer Davis Day Dreams.

My wife and I were in the 'zine and craft shop, Needles and Pens a while back. I found Jennifer Davis' most colortastic little 'zine-book, Day Dream.
The book was a little expensive at $12, but the paper quality is top notch and the colors, oh the colors, are just beautiful. It's well worth it. The book also has an interview with Davis.
Her work is the dazzling combo of acrylics and graphite on hardboard. As noted before, her use of color is adventurous and inspiring.
Day Dream can be ordered HERE, from Jennifer Davis' Etsy shop. She has a good mix of prints and original work on her shop.

(I took these pics from Jennifer Davis' Etsy shop, they are not necessarily in Day Dream.)

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