Friday, March 30, 2012

Peterson at Guerrero.

You only have until April 7th to see the Cleon Peterson and Bill McRight show at the Guerrero Gallery in SF. Move your body, now! Cleon Peterson is one of my favorite artists working today, I had to see his show.
Big Menace and I decided to celebrate our Cesar Chavez day off from work by eyeballing some wonderful black brutes murdering each other. Some of them prefer the murdering of white and red people. I hadn't really thought about the social concepts of Peterson's paintings until my wife asked, "What does he paint?" The subject matter is grim and dark and smells like something you would see on a caveman's wall. I imagine the fact that the brutes are all black and many of the victims are all white and red can mean something. Some kind of Charles Manson, Helter Skelter, race war, but I don't see them that way.
My mom saw my pictures and said, "That isn't art! It's disgusting." I disagree but hey, each person decides what is art for themself.

The paintings are spray paint and acrylic on wood panels. They are all different sizes. I was a bit shocked at the prices, but, if they can sell at that level, that is great. I had permission to blow our $500 tax return, but the smallest of the paintings was $1,500. I'm way out of touch.
The guy running the gallery was really cool and went to school where I'm currently living. He let us check out some of the other Cleon Peterson paintings and Shepard Fairey work in his office. The Guerrero Gallery is a fantastic space and they have an upcoming Kevin Taylor show that I want to eyeball.
Check out the Guerrrero Gallery site for more information on the show and upcoming shows, HERE.
I took these photos and they don't really do Peterson's work justice. Some of the larger paintings with a ton of people are almost impossible to photograph well, too much is lost. You need to see these paintings in person.

I wasn't familiar with Bill McRight's work. I wasn't into it at first, but spending time with his homemade shivs, really warmed me up.

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