Sunday, June 26, 2011

Margaret KilGallen at Ratio 3.

From June 23rd until August 5th, Ratio 3, in San Francisco, is showing a selection of work from Margaret Kilgallen.

Kilgallen was part of the San Francisco Mission School art squad. She was married to Barry McGee and their artistic styles were very similar. If marriages were based on artistic similarities, McGee's and Kilgallen's pairing would be simply blissful.  

I have really liked Kilgallen's work since I saw it on the cover of Juxtapoz magazine. Her simple style and use of color is courageous and inspiring.

From Ratio 3:

"Margaret Kilgallen (1967–2001) is considered by many to be one of the most influential, yet under-recognized, Bay Area artist of her generation. Kilgallen, along with a handful of other artists such as Barry McGee, Chris Johanson, and Alicia McCarthy, came to emergence in the late 1990s, as part of an art movement that is now commonly referred to as the Mission School.

On view in the gallery will be a selection of works-on-paper and paintings on canvas, some never before seen. Many of the works are painted on discarded pages from books, emphasizing Kilgallen’s resourcefulness and economy of materials. This is also reflected in the canvas works, most of which were cut and sewn together by hand, giving the paintings a quilt-like quality. The imagery depicted includes her iconic motifs such as leaves, trees, topography, and female figures, all of which exemplify Kilgallen’s delicate and adept hand. Her humble, almost folkloric, style pushes some of the imagery into simple abstractions of color, lines, and repeating shapes. This exhibition offers an intimate look into Kilgallen’s very personal and singular vision."

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