Sunday, June 12, 2011

Captain Power returns.

Thanks to Manny for letting me know about this.

Hard to believe but Captain Power is gearing up for a reboot in 2012! Exciting news.

Captain Power was a CG-Live Action, post apocolyptic, series which ran from 1987-88. Within the show's one season run, it had hi-tech violence, romance, serious themes, and the death of one of the main characters. The episodes did not comprise a continuing story, with a season long continuity, but events mattered and were remembered. This was almost unheard of for an American kids show (Voltron had a continuing story.)

Check out AND check out the Facebook page, which actually has more information than the site.

Earth, 2147. The legacy of the Metal Wars, where man fought machines—and machines won. Bio-Dreads: Monstrous creations that hunt down human survivors—and digitize them. Volcania: Center of the Bio-Dread Empire-stronghold and fortress of Lord Dread, feared ruler of this new order. But from the fires of the Metal Wars arose a new breed of warrior, born and trained to bring down Lord Dread and his Bio-Dread Empire. They were Soldiers Of The Future — mankind's last hope. Their leader, Captain Jonathan Power (Tim Dunigan), master of the incredible Power Suits, which transform each soldier into a one-man attack force, Major Matthew 'Hawk' Masterson (Peter MacNeill), fighter in the skies, Lieutenant Michael 'Tank' Ellis (Sven-Ole Thorsen), ground assault unit, Sergeant Robert 'Scout' Baker (Maurice Dean Wint), espionage and communications, and Corporal Jennifer 'Pilot' Chase (Jessica Steen), tactical systems expert. Together they form the most powerful fighting force in Earth's history. Their creed: to protect all life. Their promise: to end Lord Dread's rule. Their name: Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future!

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