Monday, June 27, 2011


 David Healey is my favorite artist of the now moments.
The Art Hustle's, Simeon Lipman sent Healey's URL over and told me to check out his work. Simeon hit the nail on the head, I'm in love.

David Healey specializes in action figure mash-ups and repaints. Normally, I can't stand clear figures, but his are so beautiful that I can't help but love them. Besides an IG-88 head on a wrestler's body, this guy is straight out of one of my fantasies. I gotta get my hands on one of these somehow.
The colors for his 3.75" mash-ups of his work is dark, with thick blues, grey cream infused greens, and what I would call gutsy greys (you may call them spineless blacks. HA.) His limited palette creates a real sense that these are all truly from a secret collection of toys that you and I weren't allowed to have. The Gallo wine family makes special apple cider only for the Gallo children, these action figures are for kids better than us.

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