Monday, May 2, 2011

Pettibon, Campbell, and Parrino unite to free mankind from voids being referred to as blankness.

Raymond Pettibon, Scott Campbell, and Steven Parrino are having a grouptacular show at Marc Jancou Contempory, through June 4th.
Blankness is Not a Void.

"Marc Jancou Contemporary is pleased to present Blankness is Not a Void, an exhibition featuring the work of Scott Campbell, Steven Parrino and Raymond Pettibon. Taking as its starting point the dialogue between Campbell’s contemporary creations, Pettibon’s 1980s Punk Rock imagery and the Romantic, mannered works on paper of Parrino, the show encourages viewers to re-evaluate American “low” culture by considering the commonalities among these particular artists' chosen content and use of materials. Indeed, all three artists revel in deviations and marginalized subjects, and the resulting works are aware of both the limitations and possibilities of their environments, ultimately seeking aesthetic resolutions through the universal themes of death, love and sex."
I slathered the image gallery from Pettibon's images. I honestly don't know a lot about Scott Campbell and Steven Parrino.

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