Saturday, May 28, 2011

Merzbow on Merzbient.

In October, 2010, Merzbow (Masami Akita) released Merzbient, a twelve CD boxset comprised of recordings made in the 1980's. The set was released by Soleilmoon and was limited to 555 copies.

Musique Machine published an interview they conducted with Masami Akita about Merzbient, the other day. The writer mistakenly calls the project "Merzbeint," but it is a fine interview, nonetheless.

m[m]Please tell us a bit about what has been done with the sets recording when they were transferred from tape to compact disc? Have the been remastered or cleared up in anyway or edited?
Masami All the tracks were original on 2 -4 track cassette tape. so, all material was remixed volume and EQ of each channels. Next I dubbed it to CD and then used audio editing software on the computer and cleared up and re-edited, but there was no overdubbed or effects added. The  materials is very close to the master recordings, because I wanted to keep the essence of the original recordings much as possible

m[m]Please give us a full list of what you used to create the tracks on the whole of the Merzbeint release?
Masami Various scrap metals, various metals/ tin box with piano wires, various percussion by small objects, paper, stone, woods, kitchen objects etc.
contact mics, audio mixer, motor, electric fan, gas stove, guitar, violin, thermin, various effects. etc. but no synthesizer.


HERE is the rest of the interview.

I haven't heard the whole set. I wouldn't absolutely chalk the work I have heard up as ambient, but it is smoother, much smoother, than other 1980's Merzbow recordings.

Masami Akita also stated in the interview that a 15 LP Merzient set would be released soon, with additional material.

A lot of old Merzbow fans grumbled when Merzbow moved away from the contact microphone and turned to the laptop computer for creating noise. Cool to hear some old, new analog recordings from the noise god.

HERE is the Soleilmoon site listing for Merzbow. Scroll down a bit to find Merzbient.

Here is the Merzbient cover and a sample of the project.


MerzbientSAMPLE.mp3 Listen on Posterous

(top photo by Rene Passet.)

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