Monday, May 2, 2011

The Art Hustle Series 2.

The Art Hustle makes collectible trading cards of artists. Each artist gets two cards. One displaying a piece of their art and one with a profile of the artist.

I am honored to be in Series 2. I am in some incredible company; here is the Series 2 roster.

My painting, Little Lucy Longing for Luchadores is at the :19 mark. My profile card is at the :24 mark. Pretty exciting to see my work next to Mr. Clement, Mark Mothersbaugh, Jesse Hernandez, Joe Ledbetter, Amanda Visell and even the film director, Brett Ratner (who knew he made art?) So many great artists.

"A quick preview of the cards in Series 2, including Profile and Art Cards, Signature Cards, Original Art/Sketch Cards and an all new special subset of Artist Menko cards. The Series is set to drop in early June 2011. For more information visit"

Here is the website for my paintings:

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