Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Daily poster: Deadly Prey.

Deadly Prey.
I was looking at West African movie posters last weekend. I have a small photo collection of them. But, I didn't have this one. I found it HERE. The site has a decent description of the West African movie poster "movement" from the late-80's.

"During the late 1980s, a cottage industry developed in Ghana, West Africa, called the “mobile cinema.” It was composed of young entrepreneurs who possessed three pieces of property — a TV, a videocassette recorder (known then as a VCR), and a portable, gas powered generator. Armed with these tools plus desire and ambition, they traveled from village to village showing movies on the VCR and selling tickets to the event."

Then imaginarypeople posted the Everything is Terrible video below on the Whitechapel board. It's fate.
I haven't seen Deadly Prey, but I'm somewhat familiar with AIP, the company that made it.

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