Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Adventures of Thomas and Nardo.

The Adventures of Thomas and Nardo shorts premiered in season two of MTv's Liquid Television. The show was an incredible anthology of animated shorts which ran from 1991-1994. All together, there were five Thomas and Nardo shorts.

Thomas and Nardo was created by one of my favorite artists, Mark Beyer. Beyer is probably best known for his Amy and Jordan comic strips (where Thomas the House first appeared.)

When Charles Burns came into town for a signing a while ago, someone asked him about Mark Beyer. He said that Mark Beyer has essentially disappeared, no one that Charles Burns knows had heard from him.

I would provide links to all the information on Mark Beyer, but there really isn't much. Even his Wikipedia entry is entirely too sparse.

Above is my favorite of the shorts and below is the first one, where Thomas and Nardo meet.


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