Thursday, May 3, 2012

For a split second, Shep gets it.

I don't like posting political stories here. Not sure why, but this just isn't my forum of choice for those rants.

However, this just had me laughing at work like a crazy man. The letter's content is insane. Shep Smith is hardly a human being himself. He's soaked through with makeup, presenting "news" with a Matrix style background. The multiple lines of scrolling text bring the old Saturday Night Live "Terminator Robot" news sketch to life. Shep Smith's reaction is hilarious.

Maybe I need to watch more TV, this is insane to me. When my wife and I watched Idiocracy, we didn't really laugh. It was too scary. Director, Mike Judge, can feel the pulse and knows where it's going.

Just look at the still above, this is nowhere next to real life. How he talks, what he's reading, his aged Ken doll look, the surrealistic nightmare background, the insane amount of text, the meaning of the letter, nothing relates to how I live my life day-to-day. I'm not bagging on Fox or the republican leadership, it's all like this. In this clip, reality just seeps in a tiny bit, and for a split second Shep Smith seems to get it. Really get it.


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