Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Daily poster: The Toxic Avenger.

The Toxic Avenger.

What a crappy poster. When I met Lloyd Kaufman at WonderCon on Sunday, I bought the double disc Toxic Avenger DVD. I watched it last night and boy, what a classic. Everything really came together on that film. I'm not a huge huge Tromafanatic (the humor just eludes me sometimes) but I have such fond memories of Toxie and it was really fun to revisit him again last night. I had a t-shirt as a kid and someone gave me a paper promotional Toxic Avenger mask. The film should really be in the library of congress archive collection.

Last year it was announced that Hollywood is planning to shoot a remake of The Toxic Avenger.The plan is that it will be PG-13, which pretty much guarantees that it will suck.

Meanwhile, Lloyd Kaufman announced Toxic Avenger 5, two years ago, if I remember correctly it was going to be called The Toxic Twins. Toxie and his lady have twin boys who run amok.

Courtesy of Wrong Side of the Art.

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