Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Andrew Sarris - Critic in Focus.

Film critic Andrew Sarris passed away earlier this month. My old buddy Casimir Nozkowski interviewed Sarris last year and just released this fine mini-documentary.

Casimir wrote:

I read Andrew Sarris's film reviews all my life. I discovered many filmmakers I love today by reading his writing and seeing every movie on his classic end of the year top ten lists.
I had the good fortune to meet him and film an interview with him last year. He was great. His health was in poor shape but he talked to us for hours about movies, how his tastes had changed, his history as a writer... it was incredible.
From that experience, I made an 11 minute dreamy documentary that I've finally uploaded to youtube and I'd like to share it with you...
Directed and edited by me. Shot by Pete Fonda. Original Music by Alexander Strung. Sound Mix by Tod Chapman.

It premiered at Telluride last year and we showed it at Andrew's retirement party at Columbia. He seemed very pleased with it.

He passed away last week but I feel really lucky I got to know him. He's got a bunch of books in print that I highly recommend and check out this website that's collected all his top ten lists: 

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