Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Petersen's page process.

Mouse Guard creator, David Petersen posted today on the process he's currently using to create his comics. From writing to layouts and lettering, to inking and coloring. The post is HERE.
Petersen is an auteur, doing it all himself, so his process is specific to his needs.
I really dig this kind of sharing. Specific and detailed notes on his "magic." Artists and writers can be very evasive about their process. Many seem to view the specifics as not interesting. Some do not have a pattern. Some are embarrassed that they embrace certain technologies that they feel are cheating or lessens their artistry in some way. Some simply prefer to hold their cards close to their chest.
Oftentimes, people doing truly original work, simply do not know. To paraphrase and twist McLuhan to my own needs, artists are typically looking in the rear view mirrror. Looking at what came before and building on that. People out in the stratosphere, doing original stuff have usually stumbled there without knowing it. Their specific process may look completely mundane to them.
Artists and writers and musicians should feel no pressure to talk about their process, it's no one else's business. However, it is extremely interesting to me when folks that I admire do open up and talk specifically about their process.
I'm sure I've sung the praises of Mouse Guard here before. Let me do it again. The Mouse Guard comic is amazing. My kids (girls, ages 4 and 6) love it. It's a little violent, but not scary violent. The stories are just a touch twisty, but not too confusing. I strongly recommend it to kids and adults. There is a role playing game which is awesome fun as well.

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