Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Merzbow's samidara 1

Merzbow has been on a tear of sorts the last few days. He normally posts once every couple of months to his blog. He's posted FOUR times in the last week. HA.
He put up this image along with the description:
"ohrenhoch - the Noise Shop | Weichselstr. 49 | 12045 Berlin-Neuk├Âlln To hear on Sunday 5 and 12 February 2012, 2pm - 9pm: 'samidara1' (Premiere) by Merzbow ohrenhoch"
The Ohrenhoch website says:
"'samidara1' is a un-released work for using the method of several granular synthesis programs and random process of the composition."
Ohrenhoch (literally: The Noise Shop) is a sound gallery in Berlin, which offers performances every Sunday. Their site is HERE.
If you enjoy the noises and are in the bay area, get on the GODWAFFLENOISEPANCAKE email list or keep going to their MySpace page HERE. They have shows all the time. If you want pancakes, get there early. My wife and I have been to a couple of shows. They are small, the attendees are really into the project, and the pancakes are good.

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  1. ohrenhoch literally means "ears high". Not "The noise shop" - The Noise Shop is a sort of Alternate Name.