Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'll make a girl soup out of you.

It's hard to imagine but this hard hitting drama won the 2011 American International Film Festival's 'Best Movie' and the $100,000 prize. Wow.

I love the intensity of the waterboarding scene. I chewed my fingernails to the meat.

Director, C Tom, also won the best script $100,000 prize and the best trailer $10,000 prize as well.

Has anyone ever heard of this festival?

Here's the trailer's YouTube description:
"Song of the Blind Girl" . Story of an Iraq war veteran suffering from PTSD and Psychosis. Serious subject matter. No nudity. No vulgar language. Some violence. Great Actors. A must see for serious movie goers.
Best Picture and Best Actor Awards at American International Film Festival (

Here is C Tom's other film from the 2011 festival:

And one more C Tom treasure.

via Dangerous Minds.

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