Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daily poster: Maniac

This is the beautiful Mondo poster for Maniac.
Elijah Wood has been signed to star in a remake. The original is so scalptastic and just so gritty and mean and oily, and Joe Spinell is such a force, that it's hard to imagine the remake resembling the original in very many ways. Elijah Wood was fantastic as the cannibal killer in Sin City and I'm certain he can tear it up here. Execution is key here.
It sounds like they are changing the story quite a bit, having Elijah Wood stalk the ladies online before murdering them. A period piece, set in the grim New York 80's would be so much better, but I'm so exhausted and apathetic to remakes at this point, that I don't really care.
In the meantime, gaze upon the grizzled visage of slasher extraordinaire Joe Spinell. Maniac was Joe Spinell's first starring role and when the original poster was revealed, he was furious that his face was nowhere to be seen. I hope Mr. Spinell can now rest in peace with this beautiful poster.
Here is the blood soaked trailer.

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